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Monday, December 15, 2008

Read up

Urge everybody to read this

I thought perhaps I would share an article with everybody. But before that, a moment to hear what H. Purandeswari said. 9 deaths and 3 serious injuries was the toll that ragging took this year. Though I care not about statistics, she must have been kidding, right?

The Hindu carried an article some time ago with specific emphasis on the Keralian society. They said the youth subculture of encouraging the image of a "rebel" contributed in part to the vice. I think it also has got to do something with the phallic tendency of projecting "Machoism", the "Tough guy", "I am a real man" image. Insecure alpha-males?

"Lack of closeness and warmth in families pushes youth to anarchy and rebellion, alcoholism and drug abuse."    
That seems somewhat of a weak excuse. My parents are divorced so I rag somebody? 

For people with more interest, read 

Friday, November 7, 2008

Half of the new academic year has already passed us by and by the flood of mails we have received, the year has been as worse as any when it comes to violence and ragging. So tell us what you think. Did you fac any ragging at all this year? Did you think it was "fun"? Or were you repulsed by it?
Tell us.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Shubho Bijoya to everybody. And a happy Dusshera. And have a great Diwali.

Pray for a ragging free year.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends...Or Don't.

Its the first of October. Time to take a look at the horror that last month was.

Its been a common perception that we focus too much on Kolkata. So this time we will explore the barbarism throughout the length and breadth of this nation.

A scuffle broke out between South and North Indian students at Vivekananda Institute of Technology, ironically named, which left 8 injured. Apparently 3rd semester students were ragging the first semester students badly,especially the ones who hailed from Bihar. They were allegedly locked up in a room and "treated like animals". They decided subsequently to take matters into their own hands and a brawl ensued.
The authorities made no F.I.R.s. Oh and they said it was a minor fight over meals.

University of Aligarh has decided to impose fines on ragging offenders. We hope it works.

On a more sombre note, we remember Chetan, who used to be a student of Mysore Medical College who was traumatized by ragging. He committed suicide. As Achebe said, things have fallen apart; people vowed to change things. Nothing has.

Chennai colleges have moved on from physical to semi-physical and psychological ragging...
And so Uday Anand, a final student at the University of Goa, lives in constant fear of assault because he asked the juniors to stand up against ragging and not be afraid of him. He lives under an atmosphere of constant persecution and heavy handed intimidation. His room is broken into by batch mates and what do the authorities do? The Registrar proudly declares that an undertaking has been taken from the offenders that their behaviour won't be repeated.
And so all we need to do is ask Dawood to say that he will leave crime. Mission accomplished.

Its been a wretched month. And the future looks glum. For us. For you. For the first years. For Uday. And for the millions of you who feel the same way but will never speak up. Thanks to all the people who read this and go on to another page, the saga of violence will go on.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jadavpur gets back

We have been a little late in reporting this but credit must be given where its due.

Remember the incident at Jadavpur University where a student of Architecture was ragged ad allegedly drugged? Well, in an unprecedented move, the university has suspended 24 students involved in the incident and lodged F.I.R.s against 6 of its former students who were also involved.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the 4 students who were directly involved have been suspended for 2 years....quite a decisive step, don't you think?

This is the first time Jadavpur University has invoked such strict suspension and penalties against ragging-offenders. On can only hope it is the dawn of a new era.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We are awake again

Profuse apologies for the seeming irregularity in posts...we all have been so warped up in our lives that,though the work has continued,it hasn't been tabulated as regularly as it should've been.

The September newsletter is coming up....Tell us your suggestions....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A tale of two universities

Delhi continues to strive towards a brighter future unmarred by the menace of a matter of few weeks , the whole campus of the celebrated University of Delhi will be under electronic surveillance. The University authorities in collaboration with the Delhi Police are putting up 47 CCTV s across the campus in order to avoid any untoward incidents. The authorities have also expressed their desire of setting up a 24-hour helpline for students to call in in the event of ragging or eve-teasing. Way to go Delhi! Three cheers!

But again, to remind us that there is along way to go before we sleep, is the University of Punjab. A complaint was lodged against some second year students a couple of weeks ago. They were accused of forcing freshers to strip and walk naked around the campus.
Quite serious an offence, I say! Well,according to the University authorities, not quite. The students have been suspended for a week.
The Dean of Social Welfare commented that the University had set up a committee to "look" into the matter; though has it that the authorities have decided to hush the matter up and term it as an "interactive session"! So apparently, Raghavan committee can go to the dogs!

Depressing? Exasperating?Vexing?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Death at my doorstep

Apparently water isn't safe anymore.Not when you are in college.

Gurkirat Singh, freshman at The Government Sports College, Chandigarh,didn't know that. He is dead.

Accusations have been flying thick and fast for the past few days. The son of farmer,Gurkirat was a promising basketball player who was found entangled to the college pool's ladder by a student who jumped in at the insistence of a teacher who apparently got worried since Gurkirat had been missing for hours.

The college Principal has till now been nonchalant, insisting that Gurkirat along with a bunch of other students had forced entry into the pool by manhandling the watchman and then had subsequently died because he didn't know how to swim.

The truth appears, however, to be much more sinister.

A certain man by the name of Harkanwal Singh, who also happens to be the boy's father, alleged in the "Times Of India" that his son had been a victim of ragging. Far from an accident,this was a case of homicide.
He says that his son had called him up a few days ago and stated how the "seniors" were pestering him incessantly. They were harassing him and threatening him and he had begun to lose morale. The father says there are bruises and marks of a scuffle in the boy's hands and feet, clearly showing that he was stopped by force from coming out of the water.
He also says that Gurkirat knew how to swim.

The college authorities remain dutifully firm over their side of the story. They say that the pool was off-limits for students in general and Gurkirat forced his way in. They however,cannot specify any motive for Gurkirat to have done so.
Indeed it is difficult to imagine why a freshman would do so! The college authorities also are trying hard to shove the ragging issue under the carpet. The police have registered a case but personally speaking, their progress seems rather suspect.
They have so far "quizzed" the students about ragging and as expected, all of them have said that there was no ragging going on. They apparently said that the "incidents were not serious and couldn't be called ragging."

Ragging or no ragging, Gurkirat Singh is dead. And it serves me no joy in typing that he might be the first ragging death this year. However,the greater fear is that he is the first of many.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This isn't original...this is a jewel I stumbled upon on "The Transparent Mirror", the site of a gifted friend of mine.
Read it and see if you smile or shake your head.

First year of college, a scared fresher staggers close to the door of his class.

“May I come in, Sir?” His breath is fast and the teacher inspects him suspiciously. “You know you’re late!” he barked.

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir. Some seniors detained me near the cycle stand . . . I was

“Never mind, take your seat and next time be on time and avoid seniors, have you understood?”

With eyes lowered, he simply nods and takes his seat.

Second year at college, some roles change and people’s perspective undergoes the same.

The same student is late again. He waits majestically outside the class until his teacher makes the mistake of noticing him. He inspects him disdainfully,

“So why are you late, Sir?” The teacher asks without caring to hide his sarcasm.

“I was nearly on time for your class but ..


“I found some first year students loitering near the cycle stand.”

So did you smile or did you shake your head?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jadavpur does it again!

I start today with a personal recollection....I remember,on my first day at St.Xavier's,whilst I expressed indignation at the attempts at ragging by our seniors,i was rebutted in unison unequivocally by my peers.I was told to chill because there was nothing serious going on,nothing in comparison with the great Jadavpur University.
Over the length of the next week,I was educated by my friends and seniors alike that whatever was going on in my college,however disgusting,humiliating and reprehensible,was nothing compared to Jadavpur University and its battalion of merry men.Some even expressed disgust at the feeble attempts at ragging in our college...Xaverians are novices,it was said;the real expertise lay elsewhere.

Last week,Jadavpur University added another "feather" to its "ragging cap" and in doing so,firmly ensured itself of the position of fear mixed reverence that most people my age treat that institution.A young girl,enrolled in the Architecture department,was being "educated in the way of the university" ,also called "ragging" by some fools,by her seniors.The seniors,innocent and pure,assaulted her physically,pulled her hair and forced her to chew cigarettes and smoke a few cigarettes herself.(The Statesman,The Star News Service)...Some rumours have also blasphemously suggested that the cigarettes contained some form of drug.

Of course,immediate action was taken and the authorities "scolded" the seniors!I wonder why The Supreme Court didn't think of scolding as the ultimate punishment for ragging.
As news began to spread and crowds gathered outside those hallowed gates,the college authorities responded in a manner in which most Indian problems are tackled...They formed a probe.Of course,the media was fended off for the moment and in any case,when the probe turns in its report,if ever,the media won't be around to examine it.
The name of the girl was withheld as was the names of the felons because,apparently the college was worried about the reputation of the "poor" girl!I wonder,if they had shown the same concern earlier,the whole incident might have been avoided.

What have the great University management done to combat ragging?According to The Times Of India and,they have done a lot!They have put up the supreme court notices on billboards,they have formed committees and they have scolded people in general!
And their ideas to stop ragging?Even better!Ensure freshers don't get free periods and stop them from remaining on the campus after classes.Wow!So all we have to do is to turn colleges into military camps!

This isn't a slur against a particular institution.i have nothing against Jadavpur.I am just plain amazed that the students of such a prestigious institution indulge in such heinous acts without even a twinge of conscience.Knowing my peers,they must have just gloated about the whole incident....the more perplexing thing is the attitude of the authorities;they seem hardly serious about the whole incident.Their primary concern seems to brush the whole thing under the carpet.

But that isn't the saddest thing...the saddest thing is the way in which people will remember this incident...A few months down the line,the same story will probably be repeated to juniors in all colleges across Calcutta with more amusement than empathy.A few months down the line,the girl's fate will probably be exemplified as what happens to people who don't listen to seniors.A few months down the line,the story will probably be used to further bolster Jadavpur's fearsome reputation.
Maybe nothing will happen...maybe a small thing here or there of no consequence will change at the university.But what fills me up with regret is that we shall chant with glee next year,to our newly admitted juniors,that the prize of the best ragging in 2008 went to Jadavpur University.And life shall go on.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Delhi takes a step forward

Now that we have established the fact that our holiday is over,its time for introduction.I am Dhrubo and I am afraid you will have to put up with me till the time I get fired.
Its admission time at most universities in and around India and that consequently means its overdrive for people with a conscience and a sane mind.
It is indeed pleasing to note that India's best known and most popular university,the renowned University of Delhi has come down hard on ragging,even if only on paper.Known even a few years ago as a hub of the ragging menace,D.U has truly turned a The Times Of India and a number of newspapers report,it seems the dark clouds hovering over some of India's best educational institutions are now finally dispelled.And this doesn't seem like a false dawn anymore.If even a fraction of the reports bear the stamp of reality,it is but welcome change for the millions who throng the national capital with dreams in their eyes and hope in their hearts.

A particular paragraph caught my eye the other day..."

Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) will also organise an anti-ragging rally to be flagged off by DCP (north) Devesh Srivastava from the DUSU office on the North Campus. Before that DUSU will welcome freshers with chocolates and flowers and a sandalwood tilak around 9 am."(The Times of India(Delhi edition),17th July)

What seems amazing about the news item above is the involvement of the student union.I was impressed when the D.U.S.U implemented a voluntary ban on on-smoking campus...the result was before my eyes at S.R.C.C. this January.One can only hope that even if the involvement is a publicity exercise and a bit over the top,it will usher in change long overdue.

We are back

This was a long long break that we had taken.But the great news is that we are back;and back with a bang.People with a conscience,start reading the blog.It might just be the best thing you do all day!
I know its the best thing I have done all day.

Monday, February 4, 2008

CET incident: Police record statements

CET incident: Police record statements
Saturday February 2 2008 09:28 IST

SHANGUMUGHAM Assistant Commissioner (AC) P. Reghunath has started a probe into the alleged manhandling of a fourth-semester student of the College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram (CET) by senior students.

A team led by the AC inspected the room in the college where fourth-semester student Arjun was locked-up and harassed for four days from January 16. He also recorded the statement of the victim and the others concerned.

The police are of the view that since the victim was a fourth-semester student, the incident could not be considered as ragging, but only as atrocity. Meanwhile, the victim who was admitted to the Medical College Hospital here told reporters that there was negligence on the part of the police in probing the case. He alleged that he was assaulted by final year students and SFI activists Nikhil Nambiar, Jith James and Jithu D.

The victim’s parents have also approached the State Human Rights Commission. The All-India Democratic Students’ Organisation has also alleged that the police and the authorities concerned were trying to protect the accused SFI activists.

In another development, SFI activists staged a dharna at the college demanding action against Arjun in the wake of the complaints by first-semester students that Arjun had ragged them. The enquiry commission appointed by the college is yet to complete the probe.

Ragging a violation of human rights

Ragging a violation of human rights
Sunday February 3 2008 06:14 IST

THRISSUR: Ragging is a serious violation of human rights, said Health Secretary Usha Titus.

Presenting a paper on ''Challenges faced by medical fraternity'' organised by Jubilee Mission Medical College here on Saturday, she said that even in foreign countries ragging of the sort found in our country was unheard of.

She said that it was the fundamental responsibility of the doctor to give primary care to his patients. Over-specialisation and compartmentalisation were detrimental to patients.

District Collector M Beena presided over the function. Jubilee Mission Medical College principal Dr V K Ramankutty, director Fr Dr Francis Alapatt and college union chairman A Ahmed also spoke.

Teen fires air gun at mates

Teen fires air gun at mates
Bangalore, Feb. 3: A 16-year-old fired at two of his classmates from an air gun and injured them, apparently as revenge for ragging.

Ashok (name changed), who had been practising shooting on his first-floor terrace for days, waited for Charan Kumar, 15, and Arun Kumar, 16, to come into view near the house on their way home yesterday afternoon before firing twice.

The pellets hit Charan on his forearm and Arun on his leg. Passers-by called a nearby police patrol vehicle and rushed the boys to Victoria Hospital, not far from the shooting scene in the middle-class Girinagar area. The boys were sent home after surgery to remove the pellets.

The incident comes less than two months after two Class VIII students shot dead a classmate who they said had been tormenting them at a Gurgaon school.

In Bangalore, too, there were warning signs. Ashok, said to be a bright Class X student, was allegedly teased often by a bunch of boys led by Arun. A fortnight ago, teachers at Swami Vivekananda School had to intervene when the boys got into a scuffle.

None of the parents had complained till last night, prompting police to lodge a suo motu case and book Ashok under the juvenile act. He will be produced before the juvenile justice board on Monday, officers said.

Charan’s father R.C. Kumar said he did not file a complaint as it involved his son’s classmate and board exams are due in March.

The police said they would question Ashok’s father, whom they did not name, for presenting his son with the air gun on his birthday recently. The boy had claimed initially that the gun belonged to his father but later admitted it was a gift. No licences are needed for air guns. It is rare for anyone to be killed by an air gun pellet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pledge to weed out social ills

Guwahati, Dec. 23: Students of Guwahati’s 10 leading colleges today resolved to put up a joint fight against bandh culture, ragging, private tuition and drug abuse.

A resolution to this effect was taken at a meeting organised by the Assam unit of the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) at Sudmerson Hall of Cotton College this afternoon.

The NSUI, the students’ wing of the Congress, also felicitated the office-bearers of the students’ unions of the colleges.

“Besides felicitating the students’ representatives, the NSUI organised a discussion on the four relevant issues. The participants exchanged views on the adverse effect of the ills plaguing society. At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the 10 colleges agreed to adopt a resolution,” the president of the state unit of the NSUI, Bibhuti Bhusan Borthakur, said.

“Students affected by bandhs, ragging, private tuition and addiction to drugs must unite to fight the social malaise.”

The representatives resolved to organise a series of awareness campaigns and meetings in their colleges from next month on the issues, particularly the bandh culture and drug addiction.

There will be interaction sessions between teachers and students to check private tuition.

Efforts will be made to strengthen anti-ragging cells and committees of the colleges to prevent incidents of ragging. The meeting adopted a resolution to constitute a co-ordination committee by the NSUI to keep in touch with the colleges for effective implementation of the initiatives planned to solve the problems.

“It is high time the student community raises its voice against the bandh culture. There are so many organisations which call bandhs at the drop of a hat,” the vice-president of the Cotton College Union Society, Munin Bora, said.

“Students are the worst-affected by the bandh culture. We also have to fight against drug addiction. Many students are ruining their brilliant careers after taking to drugs. The NSUI deserves praise for uniting different colleges to fight against the problems,” Bora said.

Drug abuse has not only compounded the problem of AIDS but also taken a heavy toll on the physical and mental health of the youths.

Students’ representatives from Cotton College, B. Borooah College, J.B. Law College, Handique Girls’ College, Pandu College, Pragjyotish College, Guwahati College, Dispur College, Lalit Chandra Bharali College and College of Veterinary Science attended today’s meeting.

Ragging: Test identification parade sought

THRISSUR: The five senior students of the Kerala Agricultural University’s Veterinary College, who were accused of ragging a first-year student of the college, have filed a petition in the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court here on Wednesday pleading the court to direct the inquiry officer to conduct a test identification parade.

The accused students, who were present in the court, expressed their readiness to present themselves before the authorities concerned for the test identification parade.

The students alleged that merely on the suspicion of their involvement in the case, the police are harassing them. The case will come up for hearing on Thursday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two-year jail term for ragging

Two-year jail term for ragging

LUCKNOW: Students indulging in ragging in educational institutions should remain prepared to serve a jail sentence of two years as the UP government is all set to make it a cognizable offence. A draft bill related to it was approved by the state cabinet presided by Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday.

Briefing reporters of the decisions taken in the cabinet meeting, cabinet secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh said that the chief minister had taken a serious not of ragging at educational institutions. Considering it to be a social evil, the cabinet approved a draft bill 'Ragging-2007', to be presented in the Assembly session beginning from Tuesday, said Singh.

He said that in the draft bill a provision has been made wherein a student, his parents or guardian can lodge a complaint with the head of the institution if the student is subjected to ragging. Upon receiving the complaint, the head of the institution will have to inquire the matter within seven days and if the complaint is prima facie found to be correct, students involved in the act (ragging) would immediately be debarred from the institution. Thereafter a case would be registered with the police for further action. If no prima facie evidence is found in the complaint, head of institution would inform about the facts to the complainant in writing.

Ragging jail plan

Ragging jail plan
Lucknow, Dec. 3: The Mayavati cabinet today approved a proposal for a two-year jail term for ragging offenders in educational institutions.

The Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Ragging Bill, 2007, is expected to be tabled in the Assembly during its special session beginning tomorrow. It draws heavily from a similar act in Maharashtra but has safeguards against its possible abuse.

If passed, the act will come into force by early next year in 15 engineering colleges run by the state and the central government, 21 universities and the 300-odd government-affiliated undergraduate and medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh.

The act will also be in force in the nearly 1,200 private institutions, education department officers said.

The Assembly had earlier this year set up a seven-member committee to recommend measures to curb ragging, which has turned into a recurring menace in the state.

The latest incident was on October 15, when an engineering student of a government polytechnic institute in Pratapgarh committed suicide by consuming poison in his hostel room, police sources said.

“The anti-ragging law has become an imperative in view of the increasing incidents of ragging in educational institutions,” cabinet secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh said.

The proposed act makes it mandatory for the head of an institution to probe a complaint within seven days of it being lodged and recommend penal action to the nearest police station. If he fails to do so, it would be treated as complicity and he might be liable for punitive action, Singh said.

Govt set to introduce anti-ragging bill

Govt set to introduce anti-ragging bill

Lucknow, December 3 The state government has decided to introduce an anti-ragging bill soon, said state Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh today.
While talking about the upcoming bill at a press conference on Monday, Singh said, “The bill will have punitive measures, including imprisonment, monetary fine for students indulging in ragging.”

He added, “The bill will have a provision for two years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000 for students involved in ragging.”

“Those accused of ragging will get ample time to prove their point. Within 30 days from the date of the registration of the complaint, the accused can prove their point before the divisional commissioners,” he further said.

Meanwhile, head of educational institutions, academicians and students of Uttar Pradesh hailed the state government’s initiative to counter ragging.

“The anti-ragging bill will definitely act as a deterrent for those senior students who physically or physiologically abuse their juniors,” said Lucknow University Vice-Chancellor Prof Ram Prakash Singh.

The V-C added that in the last few days, he has received several complaints of ragging from different hostels of the varsity. “Taking strict cognisance of these complaints, we will soon conduct raids in these hostels,” he added.

Echoing similar sentiments, Dr A N Singh, associated with LU’s social work department, said, “The move was long overdue as it will help weeding out the social menace from educational institutions.”

Appreciating the state government’s move, Mudit Kumar, a mass communication student from Lucknow University, said, “The anti-ragging bill will allay the ragging fears of junior students to a considerable extent.”

UP adopts Bill, 2-yr jail term for ragging

UP adopts Bill, 2-yr jail term for ragging

LUCKNOW: In a significant move to curb ragging in educational institutions, the Mayawati government on Thursday adopted a Bill in the state assembly making provisions for two-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000 for offenders.

The Bill was tabled in the House by parliamentary affairs minister Lalji Verma and passed by a voice vote without any debate. Another important provision made in the bill - UP Ban On Ragging In Educational Institutions Bill, 2007 - is that the offenders would not be able to get admission in any institution for a period of five years.

It, however, gives an opportunity to the students to appeal within 30 days against their expulsion before a commissioner, whose decision in the matter would be final.

The Bill also says in case of written complaints by students, their parents or guardians and teachers, the head of the institution should probe the charges within a week. It authorises the institution head to expel the offenders, if found guilty, within a week and file a complaint with the police. The head of the institution could be punished if he fails to take any action.

The Bill underlines the government's concern over the increasing incidents of ragging in different institutions in UP in the recent past.

Mayawati cabinet okays bill on ragging

Mayawati cabinet okays bill on ragging

Lucknow, Dec 03: Paving the way for a total ban on ragging in educational institutions, the Uttar Pradesh government on Monday approved a proposed bill which envisages two-year prison terms and fines of Rs 10,000 for offenders.

The cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Mayawati approved the draft ragging in Educational Institutions Bill 2007, cabinet secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh today reporters here.

He said under the bill, those found guilty could face up to two years in jail and a fine of Rs 10,000.

It permits students expelled from institutions on ragging charges to appeal within 30 days before a commissioner, whose decision in the matter would be final, Singh said.

The bill also provides that in case of written complaints by students, their parents or guardians and teachers, the head of the educational institution should probe the charges within a week.

The provision holds that the institution head should expel the offenders, if found guilty, within a week and file a complaint with the area police station.

The government's concerns have been raised over the numerous incidents of ragging across the state in the past few months in places like Greater Noida and gorakhpur.

Six students were expelled from Apeejay Institute of Technology in Greater Noida in October on ragging charges and an 18-year-old student of Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College in Gorakhpur committed suicide in September after allegedly being tortured by his seniors.

Four Lucknow University students suspended for ragging

Four Lucknow University students suspended for ragging

Four students of Lucknow University have been suspended and FIRs lodged against them for allegedly ragging juniors and threatening them with dire consequences if they failed to obey their diktats.

Acting on a complaint of BA first year students, the LU Proctorial Board suspended the four second year students-- Mani Singh, Mritunjay Singh, Prem Singh and Bhanu Pratap and lodged FIRs against them on Tuesday, university sources said on Wednesday.

Juniors had alleged last week that the four used to assign them work with the threat that those who failed to do it would be made to urinate on heaters or singed with cigarette butts.

Both the accused and complainant are residents of Acharya Narendra Dev hostel of LU.

Though FIRs have been lodged against the accused, the university authorities have insitituted an inquiry to check the veracity of the charges, LU Proctor AN Singh said.

Ragging accused create ruckus

Ragging accused create ruckus

LUCKNOW: Just about the time on Thursday when Vidhan Sabha was giving final shape to the anti-ragging Act, a group of student leaders in Lucknow University staged a protest against a senior professor who was about to take action against those alleged of ragging the junior students.

The high voltage drama unfolded on the LU campus in the afternoon when some of the student leaders alleged chief provost and director of Academic Staff College Prof Nishi Pandey of misbehaving with a student Digvijay Singh while he was on his way to the Department of Linguistics in which is enrolled.

Prof Pandey, however, shrugged off the charges. Instead, she said, Digvijay "deliberately" came in between the conversation she was having with a couple of students of BA (II) whose name had figured in the list of those involved in ragging of juniors. According to the version given by Prof Pandey to media, she along with proctor AN Singh had definite information that some of the students in Acharya Narendra Dev hostel had indulged in ragging of first-year students. In fact, she charged, ragging was being done in the presence of some students leaders in room number 105, 106 and 126.

It was following this that the LU administration had given a notice to the occupants of these three rooms. Occupant of room number 105, Sandeep Kumar, was, however, out of station. It was thus occupants of room number 106 and 126, Ranvijay Singh and Mrityunjay Yadav, respectively, who had gone to meet Prof Pandey. They even gave an application to the chief provost claiming that they were not involved in any kind of ragging. It was while they were on way to Prof Pandey's office that they were intercepted by a student, Maan Singh, a student of III rd semester, Criminology. Both Digvijay and Mrityunjay, confirmed this to the media.

Maan Singh, according to the duo, said that he would get the matter solved with the chief provost. The two, however, "refused the help" offered by Singh. Maan Singh soon left.

"But then came in this boy Ranvijay, and he stood close to us. I asked him to show his ID card and leave. But he started misbehaving. I was thus forced to deposit his ID," Prof Nishi said.

It was then Ranvijay started shouting and called upon students like Abhishek Mishra alias 'Baba', who claims himself to be a student leader. Incidentally, Ranvijay, Maan Singh and Baba had been arrested by police on September 9 on charges of rowdyism inside the university premises. Maan Singh, later talking to media, admitted this.

The student leaders soon gathered around the Academic Staff College, sat on a dharna and started raising slogans against the chief provost, who then called in the police. Ranvijay, who had occupied the centrestage by then, insisted that it was the chief provost who misbehaved and hurled abuses.

Proctor AN Singh said that such rowdyism would not be tolerated at any cost. "We would soon take some serious action which would also include getting an FIR lodged against all such rowdy students," Singh said.

Incidentally, the agitation comes barely a month before when LU vice-chancellor Prof RP Singh - who dealt with rowdy students with an iron hand -is set to complete his term. Faculty members observed that the agitation was part of the rowdy student's larger game plan to influence the students with their "leadership" qualities.

Expulsion must for ragging, says SC

Expulsion must for ragging, says SC

NEW DELHI: Concerned over the tardy implementation of its previous orders, Supreme Court on Monday directed educational institutions to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy to ragging and expel students found guilty of maltreating freshers.

Laying down expulsion of offenders in ragging cases as the minimum punishment, the court said this was needed to end the menace that could lead to extreme torture and harassment and even loss of life.

The court took a stern view, ruling out lighter punishment like suspension, after many incidents came to light despite the SC order in May this year which banned ragging in colleges and universities on the basis of the Raghavan Committee recommendations.
Colleges have now been asked to put it on their prospectus that students found guilty of ragging would be expelled immediately.

The SC, in May, had warned students that if they harassed freshers physically or mentally, they would be liable to be booked by police, expelled from college and denied admission in future. But with ragging offences still regularly reported, the court felt it was time to get tougher.

SC widens ragging rod reach

SC widens ragging rod reach
New Delhi, Dec. 10: The Supreme Court today extended its anti-ragging rules to medical, nursing and dental colleges as well as government-run polytechnics across the country.

The apex court also noted that its strict “message” against ragging did not appear to have been driven home.

“It seems that the message to persons indulging in ragging has not achieved the desired results,” the court said after additional solicitor-general Gopal Subramanian drew its attention to 100-odd ragging cases reported in the print media during the current academic year.

All the media reports have been referred to the Raghavan committee, a Supreme Court-appointed panel to curb the menace.

The committee, headed by former CBI chief R.K. Raghavan, and the authorities of various universities will look into the reports and suggest action against the offenders.

The court directed the Raghavan committee to suggest ways to deal with those found guilty of ragging.

The apex court had in May this year issued several guidelines on ragging, including filing of an FIR by the institution concerned.

The court today directed all educational institutions to include in their admission prospectus a clause clearly stating that any student found ragging another would be expelled.